Things to do while staying at Villa Candia

Visit wineries
Fratticiola Selvatica is close to a number of Umbrian vineyards and wineries, many of which have tasting rooms and/or are open to visitors. One of our favorites is Cantina Carlo & Marco Carini where the wonderful Poggio Canetto and Oscana wines are produced. Another is the Di Filippo winery in Cannara, past Assisi. Their Poggio Madrigale, a blend of sagrantino and merlot, is fantastic.

Another excellent winery to visit is Cantine Perusia in nearby Ponte Pattoli, where you can fill gallon jugs directly from the "pompa". In Montefalco you can taste Grechetto as well as Montefalco Sagrantino  And don't neglect Torgiano, just south of Perugia. It's home to the Lungarotti winery, as well as a Museum of Wine (and next door a Museum of Olive Oil.) Ask us for maps to the wineries and tasting rooms.


Umbria has managed to hold onto its unique, simple cuisine based on olive oil (among the best in Italy), wild boar, pork, lamb, hard wheat pasta and black truffles. The cuisine is varied and rather simple, allowing the ingredients to stand on their own.

Typical dishes include steak with truffle sauce, roast goose, handmade pasta with truffles, roast suckling pig, torta al testo (a local flatbread) with pecorino and eggplant, veal with laurel leaves, garbanzo and pasta soup, and lots of fish dishes (Lake Trasimeno is nearby). Don't forget to taste the many different types of  pecorino cheese. 

See the section on Cuisine for specifics, including restaurants and delis.

Visit museums

Start with the National Gallery at Perugia, which holds the best of the Gothic paintings, including several masterpieces by Duccio di Boninsegna, Beato Angelico, and Piero della Francesca.Next, go to theNational Archaeologic Museum of Umbria, home of the much rich Etruscan collection of paintings.

Don't miss the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi. This museum displays the world famous Giotto’s frescoes. An hour away in Spoleto, you can see the Gallery of Contemporary Art. And just up the road in Gubbio the Civic Museum holds the famous “Eugubine tables” from the second century B.C. Finally, the Archaeologic Museum and the Pinacoteca Civica are both in Foligno.

Take in a sagra or festa

Sagras and festas are some of the most fun events in Umbria. Depending on the time of year, you can participate in one of these local events designed to celebrate food and drinks. Ripa (just a few km away) is the site of the annual Sagra di Tartufo (truffle festival) in July. Nearby Piccione celebrates porcini mushrooms in August.

In Corciano, about 20 minutes away, there is a Festa di Pane (bread) and another celebrating traditional flavors (Festa di Sapori Antichi). For just a few euros, you can share a sumptuous dinner with the locals, sitting at long tables and joining in the singing and dancing that follow. Click here to see a list of all the feste and sagre in Umbria.

Attend the Umbria Jazz Festival

The Umbria Jazz Festival transforms the entire town of Perugia for ten days every summer. From early morning till the wee hours, the town center is filled with great music. This festival is one of the most important in the world, and draws a huge crowd. There is not only jazz, but blues, gospel, pop, salsa - you name it - from big names like Herbie Hancock and B.B. King to lesser-known but still outstanding talent